Kedi Lipofocus

Kedi Lipofocus is combined with Infrared (IR) and Radio frequency (RF) technologies plus with Roller and Vacuum system. It increases fat burn under the skin, effectively reducing the size of fat cells (adipocyte) which leads to smoother skin, firmer body and cellulite reduction. You will experience noticeable results after the first treatment. It has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Kedi Body Tite

This is the Triple action combined technology delivered via radio frequency that transform into heat energy under the skin. The treatment enhances the fat burn process and stimulates collagen production. Vacuum massage supports circulation and lymph systems that will remove fat from the body. The treatment radiates high amplitude pulses that will puncture the skin to kill fat cells (fat apoptosis). You will have a firm body and smooth skin after the treatment.

Kedi Contour

This is the latest Bipolar Radio Frequency technology that breaks down fat cells (Lipolysis). It firms specific areas, eliminates excessive fat, and keeps skin smooth and firm. The treatment is highly effective because the energy is designed to attack all fat layers. It is a new alternative for those who want to lose weight but have no time to exercise and do not want to undergo liposuction. The innovation gets rid of fat and firms the body within one process.