Kedi Ultherapy Lift

The older we get, our skin begins to deteriorate causing us to become self conscience with our face when we look in the mirror. Whether it be wrinkles, sagging skin, or skin that has become infirm. Though there are currently several medical treatments for these conditions (Botox, Filler, and Lasers), these treatments have certain limitations in reducing sagging skin. Kedi-Ultherapy Lift is an innovative solution which eliminate these limitations by focusing on reducing the degradation of the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) of the skin.

Why is SMAS Important?
SMAS is an important system that connects the skin to the bone. It acts as an adhesive layer connecting the two together. Imagine the SMAS as a roof’s metal structure. The fat layer to the skin’s top layer (epidermis) as roof tiles. As we age and our SMAS deteriorates and becomes weakened like rust collecting on a roof’s metal structure. This weakening can cause the roof’s tiles to shift creating gaps and imperfections. When our SMAS is weakened our face loses its structural firmness, if our structure loses firmness our upper layers of skin will also loses firmness

What is Kedi-Ultherapy Lift?
Kedi-Ultherapy Lift is the latest firming technology using a pin point delivery of acoustic energy on the skin transforming the energy into spots of heat penetrating deep into the skin reaching the SMAS layer. Currently there is no other technology with these capabilities with the exception of surgery. These tiny spots of heat are evenly distributed with an equal distance of 1mm between 2 points hence creating an even spread of energy reaching deep below the skin. It also has the ability to reach deep into the areas we wish to treat while the physician has the ability to see these areas through the machine’s display allowing for the most accurate treatment. This treatment stimulates the healing process of building new collagen. This will cause the skin to become smooth through a natural process without effect the surrounding area. This process is extremely safe with incredible results.

What are the benefits of Kedi-Ultherapy Lift

  • Eyebrow Lift.
  • Lift excess skin on the eyelids. Making eyes look more round.
  • Compact and reduce wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Lift sagging cheeks and reduces creases.
  • Lift the corners of the mouth.
  • Shapes the face into a V Shape.
  • Lifting sagging skin under the chin.
  • Lift the skin of the neck.

How many times and how often do I need Kedi-Ultherapy Lift?
Kedi-Ultherapy Lift is a treatment that only requires one session to see results. The results will become even clearer 3 months after the treatment because this is the period that the new tissue and new collagen needs to form. The results will cause the face and cheeks to lift. Eyebrows and eyes will lift causing the eye to appear more round. Pores will appear smaller. The skin on the face and neck will become firmer and smoother. These result will last 1-2 years depending on an individual’s skin.

Feelings during and after Kedi-Ultherapy Lift.
Before Kedi-Ultherapy Lift the patient needs to be applied with a numbing agent for about 30 minutes prior to receiving treatment. This causes the treated area to become numb and the patient will either feel no pain or the sensation of tiny pin pricks, but these sensations will vary. Each session last between 45 to 60 minutes. After the treatment the patient can apply make-up and return to everyday life without visible wounds or needing recovery time for the skin. In certain cases the skin can become red, but should fade after an hour. In some cases the patient may feel a slight pain underneath the skin, but these effects will disappear after a week.

Who should use Kedi-Ultherapy Lift?
Kedi-Ultherapy Lift is perfect for people with sagging facial and neck skin. People who want to lift eyebrows, lift excess skin on the eye lids, or reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Anyone with sagging cheeks, cheeks with deep folds, multiple folds under the chin, or anyone who wishes to have a slender face without the use of surgery.