Kedi Extrawhite

Electroporation is a technology that delivers substances to deeper skin layers. Its method is to stimulate protein in the skin layers at an appropriate frequency and duration that creates temporary micro channels on the skin. The treatment also uses Ionwave technology which increases penetration without causing skin damage.

Kedi Oxyjet

The treatment is comprised of 99% pure oxygen mixed with sterile saline. It is used with a Jet Spray at a pressure of 200 meters per second enabling pure oxygen to penetrate deeply into the skin without using needles. As a result, one would have brighter skin, diminished wrinkles and dark spots, and better blood circulation and stimulation that foster skin renewal.

Kedi Diamond

This latest introduction of Microdermabrasion technology is for face and body. The treatment exfoliates the skin with a high-precision cut natural diamond tipped head and vacuum system. The treatment exfoliates dermis (top skin cell) effectively and gently, stimulates blood circulation as well as collagen and elastin production. It can be used to treat all skin types and any part of the body without skin irritation.

Waking Bright Golden Mask

The gold facial massage and mask is a mix of pure gold and intensive natural nutrients with skin detoxing properties that produce radiant and firm skin with just one application. The fast-absorbing delicate mask with gold nutrients removes dead skin cells, diminishes dark spots, and revives your skin. You will notice that the nutrient-absorbed skin becomes bright, soft and moisturized from healthy blood circulation and accelerated cell renewal. The gold particles produce special ions that deeply cleanse the skin, pushing out skin impurities to the surface, revealing more radiant skin.

Extra Bright Whitening Mask

Advanced whitening technology that reduces melanin production, diminishes dark spots, prevents color pigmentation after sun exposure, increases skin elasticity and whitens skin to its deepest layer. The result is naturally glowing pinkish-white skin, diminished wrinkles, dark spots, melasma, freckles and blemish, and softer skin from exfoliation. You will notice the result after the first application.

Acne Away Mask

The acne treatment mask is specially formulated using French herbal extracts. The cream mask deeply penetrates to smooth, rejuvenate, and nourish the skin; getting rid of inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne and eliminating chronic acne problems. The mask also thoroughly cleanses the skin, preventing oil production in pore areas, removing dirt and impurities. The mask is gentle and can be used on sensitive skin.

Gentle Revitalized Peel

Mild fruit acid rich in skin nutrients is gentle for even sensitive skin. The treatment tightens pores, eliminates and fades small wrinkles, dullness, acne scars, dark spots, freckles and melasma. Your skin will become smoother, softer and whiter resulting in a clearer complexion.