Body & Contour

In the present, an unsatisfied body shape is often caused by fast food and busy everyday life. This is caused by the localized formation of fat. The best ways to reduce fat naturally and have a proportional body is to have balanced diet and exercise regularly. Certain genetical limitations can make natural weight lost difficult.

Say goodbye to cellulite and orange peel skin painlessly, safely, effectively, and no discomfort with Kedi-Lipofocus & Kedi-Contour. Both these treatments have a instant recovery time. Kedi-Lipofocus is an advance technique certified by the USFDA. This treatment accelerates burning fat(lipolysis) and reduces cellulite effectively. It also combines 4 technologies into 1 ( Radiofrequency, Infrared, Suction and Rollers ) to help reduce cellulite, reduce deep fat effectively, increase the flow of blood and reduced laxity. As a result, the skin looks smoother, healthier, firmer, and the results can be seen upon the first treatment. After regular treatments (4-5 sessions) one can expect significant reduction of over 6 centimeters in the abdomen circumference and a 2 centimeters reduction in the thigh circumference. Kedi-Body Tite & Kedi-Contour are an innovative technology that combines radiofrequency heating and vacuum massage. The treatment uses heat that targets fat cells and breaks down the fat molecules sparing the upper layer of skin while eliminating the waste through the body’s natural drainage system.